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  1. It has been observed that lately some candidates / students, with malafide and malicious intention, are tyring to malign the name of CII – iPATE
  2. CII wishes to bring to the notice of all such candidates / students that by doing so they might run the risk of jeopardising their own chances of future recruitment by industry
  3. Corporate HRs do thorough check of social media activities of candidates before making any hiring decisions. Candidates / students who are seen to be indulging in malicious activities with the intent of hurting any party / organisation on social media, emails and through any other means are in danger of being blacklisted from organisations
  4. CII – iPATE is a service for industry, to help them identify suitable candidates, as per their requirement who they may further evaluate and assess
  5. CII – iPATE is NOT a placement service but an APTITUDE TEST of candidates to help them showcase their industrial proficiency in front of potential recruiters
  6. The iPATE score is valid for three years and candidates are free to attempt an improvement in scores by sitting for the exam again
  7. CII – iPATE does not promise jobs to candidates / students
  8. CII encourages candidates / students to proactively work on improving their chances of recruitment in industry by applying for appropriate positions on their own and sharing their iPATE score with companies
  9. CII would be happy to assist in validating the score / performance of any candidate, if a company so desires