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(10:00am - 6:00pm)

Exam Guidelines

Take your Exam online from the comforts of home / any convenient place, under automated online remote proctoring along with manual reviewing

How it works

Candidates must have the workstation in convenient place, which complies the Technical Requirements mentioned below.
Candidate Onboarding Dummy Test will be provided to check the system compatibility, 7-10 days prior to the Exam.
The Access Credentials for Onboarding dummy Test & Actual Exam will be available in the Admit Card.
The Remote Proctoring system of Online Exam will verify the identity of online candidates while detecting and deterring academic misconduct on continuous basis.
Multi-factor biometric authentication (Face & ID) and continuous facial recognition will be carried out throughout the Exam using Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology.
Candidates will be prompted to download a lightweight application in the workstation, which does not require administrative rights to run to remotely proctor the environment.
A blue frame will appear around the screen to indicate that remote proctoring has begun and the candidate will be monitored. The realtime video, audio and desktop screenshots will be recorded throughout the Exam.
All activities of the candidate will be monitored as per General & Integrity guidelines, and restrictions will be applied into the workstation during the Test.
After completing and submitting the Test, the candidate may end proctoring and close/uninstall the application.
All proctoring data will be transferred to our secured server to process and manual review will be conducted to generate the report.

Technical Requirements

Operating Systems

MAC: OSX El Capitan 10.11 or higher,
PC: Windows 7, 8, or higher


MAC: Intel / AMD Processor, 2 GB RAM,
PC: Dual-core 2.4 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM
or higher

Power Backup

Sufficient power backup arrangement (upto min. 3 hours) to complete the Test, in case of power failures from grid


Desktop / Laptop (preferable) with Keyboard and Mouse properly working

Internet Connection

Min. 1 Mbps download, 512 kbps upload speed with min. 1GB data balance


800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution or higher with cleaned lenses to take clear picture


In-built or external microphone to record the surrounding voice

Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox v20.0 or higher
Google Chrome v25.0 or higher

Browser Configuration

Javascript Enabled
Third Party Cookies Enabled
Candidates will be penalised in the Score Card, if found cheating or policy violations as per the following Guidelines.

General Guidelines

Use a private testing area

You must be alone, at a desk and chair so that you are sitting up-right during the test. If other people are around you, you could be disqualified.

Turn off noise making devices

Your test environment must be free from outside noise. Turn off all sound-emitting devices completely. Any suspicious noise detected may result in your disqualification.

Your face to be clearly visible

Anything that obscures your face can flag your test for violation. This includes but is not limited to: hair, sunglasses and hats. Reading glasses are acceptable however.

Create the proper lighting environment

You must be in a consistently well-lit room, with as plain of a background as possible. You should ensure no absence of light for a single moment during the Test.

Close extra browser tabs and windows

The only tabs and windows open during the session should be those required for the completion of the test. Screenshots will be taken of suspicious activity and reported.

Sit directly in front of your webcam

Make sure to stay in the middle of the webcam's view throughout the Test. Leaving the frame or looking away from the test will result in a low integrity grade.

Integrity Guidelines

Have a valid photo ID ready

In order to verify your identity, you will be asked to show a photo ID card. You may use Aadhaar, PAN card, Driving license or Passport.

Use single monitor, keyboard & mouse

Multiple hardware devices detected on your system can result in a policy violation, make sure your system is set up accordingly.

No breaks allowed

If you need to use the bathroom, you should use it before. Once the blue frame appears, you may not leave the camera view until the test is finished.

Multiple monitors disabled

Using Multiple Monitors during this test will be flagged as a violation.

Copy / Paste disabled

Clipboard is disabled for this test and Copy/Paste functions are not available.

Print screen disabled

Print screen functionality is not available during this test.

Physical calculator allowed

You will be allowed to use a physical calculator for the Test.

On Screen calculator allowed

You will be allowed to use OS in-built on-screen calculator for the Test.

Taking print out is highly prohobited

Print attempts cannot be stopped but will be flagged as violation for this test.

No physical book allowed

It's not an open Book Test. You will not be allowed to keep a physical book in your desk and read it during the test.

No digital resources allowed

During this test, referring to digital reading materials or searching the internet for information is a violation.

No digital note taking allowed

During this test, using a separate program like MS Word or other such scratchpads on your computer to write notes is a violation.

Rough works allowed

You will be allowed to take handwritten rough works during this test.

Head phone not allowed

Headphones and absolutely earphones are prohibited.

No personal items allowed

Sunglasses, keys, wallets, mobile devices and other unnecessary items are forbidden.

Scanning or taking pictures not allowed

For the Test, you are not allowed to scan or take pictures using your mobile phone.

Scanning or uploading documents not allowed

You may not scan or upload documents during the Test.

Consuming foods and drinks not allowed

Consuming food and drinks will be considered as a violation.
All candidate data is handled in compliance with FERPA regulations, protected with military-grade encryption, and purged in accordance with our data retention schedule.