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iPATE Certification

GATE, has been a successful benchmark to assess academic knowledge base of engineering students, which helps them to explore higher studies and to get jobs for PSUs in India.

There is no benchmark exists in India to assess the Industrial aptitude & proficiency of engineering graduates. Also no mechanism for the passing out students to be prepared in line with desired industrial skill-sets and become industry-ready.

CII iPATE caters the need of Indian Industry by identifying technical talent on PAN India basis.
NO, iPATE Exam is not compulsory. Candidates may appear for iPATE to get recognition, better visibility to Industries and get better job opportunities.
The iPATE score is valid for 3 years.
NO, Engineers at any age are eligible for iPATE Exam.
iPATE is not a placement service, it's an Exam conducted by CII on behalf of Indian industries to recruit Technical talent.

LIVE database of successful Candidates will be shared with Indian  industries to recruit based upon Grades, Scores and Ranking.
CII is India’s premier and one of the largest business associations, having more than 9,100 member companies from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs and an indirect membership of over 3,00,000 enterprises from 291 national and regional sectoral industry bodies.

CII has been conducting various initiatives in creating platform for Academia and Industry to interact, and closely working with AICTE along with premier academic Institutions, through various initiatives at different parts of the country, keep discussing on improving the industry-institute interactions.

Hence, CII iPATE certification will be of great help for the candidates, to be recognized by Indian industries to get suitable job opportunities.
The LIVE database of candidates with Overall and Sectional Scores will be available to Indian Industry, who are in search of technical talent to hire.

iPATE certification will give recognition and visibility to recruiters on PAN India basis.
NO, there is no limitation on the iPATE Exam attempt. A candidate can appear for the iPATE Exam every year.
Being India’s premier and one of the largest business associations, CII is reaching out to mostly private sector companies including MNCs and SMEs on PAN India basis, to facilitate the list of successful candidates, to hire as per need.
NO. There is no quota or reservation. It's an online Exam to identify Technical Talent on PAN India basis and provide the LIVE database to Indian industry to recruit as per need.
YES, experienced candidates may also appear in iPATE Exam. There is no bar of experience. They need to select Disciplines as per their Education / Experience.

However, CII will launch iPATE for experienced Engineers in due time to assess the proficiency as per domains and functional areas.

This will enormously help experienced candidates to switch over and find better job opportunities.

Online Registration

The candidate is expected to appear in iPATE with appropriate to the discipline of his/her qualifying degree. However, he/she can also choose a Discipline in line with the eligibility criteria of Industry in which he/she wishes to seek job.
A candidate can apply for only ONE Discipline. The selection of the appropriate discipline is the responsibility of the candidate.
Candidates are discouraged to fill multiple application forms using one e-mail address.
There is a link to the payment gateway in the online application form. The candidate can opt for any of the payment options listed over there. The additional charges (if any) such as service charges, processing fees or bank charges, have to be borne by the candidate.
Any unaccounted or excess money that was received from candidate's account on behalf of iPATE, will automatically be returned (credited) to the same account. However, this may take few days to process.
Candidates can always check the status of transaction from their bank account, wallet, credit or debit card.

In case, the fee amount has been debited (deducted), but has not received any acknowledge email of successful fee payment, then the amount will be credited back to their account, which may take few days.

In such a situation, the candidate may initiate a fresh application and payment without waiting for the money to be credited back to their account. This will ensure the application submission within the deadline.
The System and Process has been built on AADHAAR, so it's highly required for iPATE Registration. Hence, AADHAAR is the only Identity Proof, candidates need to carry to Exam Centers.

Aspiring candidates, who don't have AADHAAR yet, may get it done in due time, so that they may register for iPATE.
YES, online Registration process is one attempt. Candidates should have all necessary information and attachments readily available before Registration.
Candidates, who have valid AADHAAR and Qualifications as per the Eligibility of iPATE, can apply.
The print-out of the application form is not required to be sent to iPATE Authority. Please keep it for your future reference.
Candidates will receive the acknowledge email with all details. They may check their inbox, time to time.
NO. After completing all the steps upto PDF application form generation in the ONLINE application process, the candidates can only download the application form and CANNOT modify the data. Hence, candidates need to be very careful while entering the data.

Online Preparation

There will be initial Assessment for candidates, who have enrolled for iPATE Exam, which will derive the strength and weakness of the candidate on different subjects in both theoretical and practical knowledge, analyze attempts, challenging areas, peer performance etc.
NO. It will be completely online program, which can be done at convenient time from any place.
It's absolutely FREE of cost. Candidates will get access after Enrollment for iPATE Examination as per Timeline.
As per Timeline, the Candidates, after enrollment will get Self and Group learning opportunities along with recommended Reference Books, Technical Videos, Discussion Forums, Preparatory Mock Tests and Networking with Industry professionals.

These will immensely help candidates to be properly oriented towards iPATE Exam.
There will be preparatory Mock Tests for every Engineering disciplines, covering all subjects.

The simulated Mock Test Environment will help candidates to increase the Speed & Accuracy, build Confidence. The Test papers have been prepared and scientifically validated by Subject Matter Experts. There will be detailed solution for Self Evaluation, to focus on the weak areas.

Candidates will be familiar with the Exam Trends, which may help them to plan iPATE Exam attempt strategy for Max. Output.

Admit Card

The Timeline may please be referred.
Candidates must bring a print-out of the downloaded Admit Card to the Examination Center for the verification along with the original AADHAAR (NO photocopy/scanned copy), which was specified during the filling up of the online application.

The Admit Card is valid if and ONLY if the candidate's photograph and signature images are clear and legible. The photograph on the Admit Card and that in AADHAAR should match with the appearance of the candidate on the day of examination.
NO. The Exam Centers will be preferably located in the States and UTs as listed. The Cities / Towns will however be selected based upon the no of applicants from surrounding areas and the availability of the necessary Technological infrastructure.
No. Hard copy (preferably printed in color) of the Admit Card must be brought to the examination centre along with AADHAAR (not photocopied/ scanned copy), which was specified during the filling up of the online application.

Online Examination

Please refer Information page / Examination Details tab.
There will be overall cut off of 30% for iPATE Exam.

However, no Sectional cut off has been considered.
YES, for a wrong answer, there will be negative marking of 1/2 mark, which will be deducted.
A scribble pad will be provided to the candidate that can be used to do the rough work. The candidate has to return the scribble pad after the examination.
No. Candidates will NOT be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason during the examination.

Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only after the scheduled end of examination.
Only Admit Card, AADHAAR Card and a pen is permitted to be taken inside the examination hall.

Mobile phones, physical calculators, wristwatches, or any other electronic items are NOT permitted inside the examination hall.

If a candidate brings any of these items, they have to be kept outside the examination hall at the candidate’s own risk.

If the candidate is found to be in possession of these items (even if not using them), he/she will be disqualified and the result will not be declared for the candidate.
NO. During iPATE online examination, all candidates will be provided with a virtual scientific calculator which has to be used to answer the questions.

Mobile phones, physical calculators, wristwatches, or any other electronic items are NOT permitted inside the examination hall.
NO. Such arrangements will not be made at the examination center.

If candidates bring personal belongings including mobile phones, they have to be kept outside the examination hall at the candidate’s own risk.

The iPATE authority are not responsible in any way.